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yes..thats it..my name is atiqah..nme glamor: Que..Que buat blog ni juz for fun,so,depends kt korg nk follow ke x k,Que x pakse..anyway,Que bkn seorg yg lawa ke,cun ke,i juz an ordinary gurl..tp,impian Que,wannabe extraordinary person..really,Que nk jd pndai,lawa,hot n so on..tp impian tu susah kot nk cpai..haha..mmg rmai org yg anti Que,hmm,yela,dorg x knal pun Que..tgk rpe je,then judge mcm tu je..i love my friends as i love my bf..tp Que nk wat cmne kn?da dorg bnci..haish..anyway,jom kwn dgn Que!!!Que lyan everyone tau,juz bkn yg pervert!!haha..i love you!! mmuahx!!

Tuesday, July 26

bakteria2 bahaya yg ade kt fb skrg!!!!!!!

  •  a video about a SPIDER living in under a person's skin,
  •  KFC promotion
  •  Harry Potter Mistake
"It's a VIRUS. It looks like it's been sent from a friend of yours and that they commented on it. DO NOT OPEN THIS. Please re post and let your friends know about this!!"

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